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Backer Alpha Release

Hi everyone, our Backer Alpha Release of Underworld Ascendant for PC, Mac and Linux platforms is TODAY! We’re excited to share the build with you and get your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. There is still plenty of time to have an impact in a number of areas of the game, particularly around moment-to-moment game play, world interactions and system simulations. We will review all feedback that you share with us, whether via the survey (linked in game), bug reports or posts on the OtherSide Entertainment forums. Please make an effort to keep your feedback detailed and constructive as that will be much more useful and actionable for us.

Please do keep in mind that this is an Alpha and the build is representative of an unfinished game. Is it unpolished, buggy, and you might encounter some instability (i.e., game crashes). That’s normal for a game like UA at this point. We’ve been spending a lot of time getting things into the game and now our focus is getting those things working well and working well together.

At OtherSide, we pride ourselves on the breadth of experience and talent at the studio. As a small team of 14, we are striving to deliver a quality game that fits our size and stature. As a result, this is not a AAA game in scope or scale. That said, our goal with UA is to push depth of gameplay variety and we hope it provides a unique array of playstyle options and deeper world interactions. We think you all are aware of that, but it seemed worth repeating.

The build you will play is just a slice of the full game in terms of content like levels, creatures, items and loot as well as features like spells, combat moves, interactibles and things like that. We will also be posting a longer FAQ / Build Notes that will go into more detail about what’s in, what’s not, some known issues (not a full bug list), etc. Please keep an eye out for a link to that tomorrow.

We will be distributing the build via Steam using the same “app” as the Pre-Alpha Build. So, if you have access to the Pre-Alpha Build already, you’ll be able to download the new Alpha Build when it’s ready. If you didn’t have access to the Pre-Alpha Build, we will be sending you a Steam Key for this Alpha Build via BackerKit. Our plan is to send those keys around before the Alpha Build is available on Steam so you won’t have to wait for the key.

Thank you again for your support and your feedback. We hope you enjoy this early look at Underworld Ascendant.

The OtherSide team

June 26, 2018 7:00 pm