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Hotfix 1.03 and Dev Video

Here are the fixes included in the most recent hotfix 1.03.

* Added “Swimming” (Crouch while in water to sink)

* Walking through shallow water has been improved

* Arrows now function as expected

* More magic runes are now in Aelita’s rotation for sale

* Fullscreen exclusive graphics option is now preserved between gameplay sessions

* When the player collects the final Abyssal Key, the gate to the Midnight Forum now opens as expected

* Fixed a rare bug when The Vault of Nyx did not open when the player had all 8 keys

* Saurians are now less chatty

* The secret shortcut to the Vault of Nyx has been sealed

* Infinite loading screen crash for the opening level has been fixed

* Subtitles can be now toggled On or Off (See: Options->Gameplay)

* Graffiti language in-level now changes when the player changes their language settings

* Tuned movement controls for stopping and starting. The controls now respond faster to player input

* Kickstarter backers will receive 8 dire berries instead of 1

* General movement fixes

* Various rare crash fixes

We are still working on adding more updates to the game. Thank you for your patience!

December 1, 2018 12:20 am